Sunday, August 28, 2016

How I can help you.

  • Financial systems and management
  • HR, training, and hiring
  • Evaluation and internal learning
  • IT and database strategy
As a nonprofit leader, you know these areas are important for your organization, but it's probably not what you are passionate about. Need some efficient and effective help with internal management so that you can focus on mission? That's where I come in.

I've been working behind-the-scenes in the nonprofit sector for over ten years and as a consultant for over five years. I have clients up and down the eastern US, many with offices across the globe. I have worked in the arts, with international NGOs, with associations, and in philanthropy and am happy to explore other sectors.

Sometimes engagements are limited in time or scope so that I assist with a big project or with getting a system up and running and then step away. Sometimes organizations need a bit of ongoing help or want to have assistance on call. If we are a good fit, I am happy to work in the capacity you need.

What sets me apart from other consulting firms?
  • I know my own wheelhouse. After a free initial consultation, I'll be able to tell you if it seems like we are a good fit. If it's not, I will do by best to connect you with some more appropriate resources.
  • I have experience within nonprofits. I worked inside nonprofits for over five years before becoming a consultant. I understand your internal pressures, board dynamics, and competing priorities.
  • I am a translator. Not of languages, but of numbers, regulations, and jargon. I want to make information actionable for you. Whether that's customizing dashboards, creating systems, or just talking through what I see, I don't just hand over information and disappear. I want to be sure you and other stakeholders are able to interpret and use it.
  • It's just me! You will have easy access and good communication from one person who is focused on your organization. Simple.
 Sound appealing? Email or call me today for a free consultation.