Clients and Testimonials

Current Clients:

Advancing Girls' Education in Africa - I serve as AGE Africa's financial manager, taking care of monthly bookkeeping, as well as annual budget creation, audit and regulatory oversight, board reporting, and financial strategy-setting. AGE works in girls secondary education in Malawi.

"Alison is not only an accomplished fiscal, operational, and administrative professional, but she was a real thought partner for me in thinking through AGE Africa's organizational systems and structure holistically. She helped to prepare us for growth in a way that was thoughtful, effective, and responsible. With Alison’s help, AGE Africa’s budget and programs grew an average of 30% annually for the past five year,s and we experienced very few operational or financial hiccups as a result of the policies and systems she helped us to build. In addition, she ensured that we stayed on top of industry trends and best practices and worked with us to develop mature and size-appropriate fiscal reporting and responsibility measures for our board. She is an invaluable asset who 'gets' the challenges of small and mid-sized nonprofits, and specifically understands the challenges of working in countries where it is operationally challenging to do business. In our industry, her expertise is impossible to find and we have felt so blessed to work with her." - Aubryn Allyn Sidle, AGE's former Executive Director

Komera Project - I am helping Komera revamp their financial systems, prepare for growth, and understand their financials on an ongoing basis.

“Alison has been a huge asset to the growth of Komera. She has provided us with clear and incredibly supportive guidance and is considered one of the team. We could not have gotten to where we are today without her dedication and support.”  - Margaret Butler, Komera's Executive Director

Grantmakers for Effective Organizations - I assist GEO with discrete projects related to their knowledge management and evaluation efforts. I formerly worked as their manager of operations, leading up finance, HR, IT, and internal learning.

"The thing about Alison is that she quickly becomes a key player on your team. When she became GEO’s manager of operations, she quickly assessed our needs and, quite simply, stepped in and made everything she touched better. One of the key principles of great customer service is the ability to understand the customer’s unexpressed need. This is second nature to Alison. For example, when I asked Alison to come up with a training on annual individual goal-setting, she took what could have been a pretty dry topic, and made it accessible and engaging to our staff by creating hands on case studies. We’re thrilled to be able to continue to benefit from Alison’s considerable talents as a consultant to our organization. Our staff knows they can call on Alison to take on a variety of projects, in part because she is so skilled at understanding the unexpressed need behind each request. Alison is as comfortable with the hard numbers of accounting and budgeting as she is with the more nuanced work of internal learning and evaluation. I know I can trust Alison to do an in-depth analysis of our budgeting trends one day, and then turn around and conduct qualitative interviews with participants in one of our peer learning programs the next. Any organization that has the good fortune of working with Alison will be the stronger for it." - J McCray, GEO's COO

Fuller Project for International Reporting - I support this exciting, brand new nonprofit with financial and HR expertise as they are getting systems in place to support their vision.

Past Clients:

Partnership for Transparency Fund - I assisted PTF in evaluating their finance and budget needs and in finding an appropriate partner to perform their accounting function.

Crescendo Summer Institute - I revamped the English version of Crescendo's website and wrote grant applications to European foundations.