Hi, I'm Alison. I am an agile, highly-skilled nonprofit sector consultant with over ten years of experience, five in management positions at nonprofit organizations. My focus is on helping nonprofit organizations thrive internally so that they can deliver on mission.

How did I get here?

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Davidson College and a Master of Arts Management degree from Carnegie Mellon's Heinz School of Public Policy. I chose my master's program because of its broad scope and applicability of skills across the nonprofit and public sectors, and that's served me well. After several years working as a general manager for professional theatres, life took me to Washington, D.C., where the perfect theatre job was elusive. Fortunately, when I broadened my search, I was hired at an amazing association, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, as their first ever manager of operations. GEO walks the talk about nonprofit best practice, and I saw how a properly run and properly resourced nonprofit could thrive. GEO and I grew and built something special over the next few years until life pulled me away from DC and into consulting.

I now live in beautiful Chattanooga, TN, and work remotely with clients around the world. I am passionate about helping nonprofits perform, and would love to hear about where you and your organization are headed. Whether you are across town or across the globe, let's have a chat

  • Financial management and systems creation, including Quickbooks and Peachtree; 
  • HR, including hiring, on-boarding, policies and internships programs; 
  • Evaluation and learning, including evaluation creation and analysis, logic models, and staff training; 
  • IT, including strategy setting, database management and decision-making, and cloud-based services; and
  • Contracting, including performing arts unions.